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About Us

About Us

Barton Drama Group started in 1981 after a group of local residences of Barton, near Cambridge, got together in 1980 under the name of St. Peter’s Players. They wanted to put on a play to raise money for the local St. Peter’s Church. The play, “Murder in Company” by Philip King and John Boland, was put on for 2 nights in November that year. As a result of their success, the decision was made to continue performing and Barton Drama Group was formed.

On 15th and 16th May 1981 the first production of Barton Drama Group was put on. It was a comedy farce called “I’ll Get My Man” by Philip King, and back then the stage was much smaller than it is today. The Village Hall became a ‘Little Theatre” for those two nights with a stage measuring just 14” x 10”. Somehow this did not hinder the first successful production taking place and since then over 50 productions have been performed in the ‘Little Theatre”.

Over the years members have come and gone, but what has stayed the same is the good natured and fun spirit of a group who enjoy performing to an appreciative audience.

Out of those original members who started Barton Drama Group, six of them still remain active members, some of which are still committee members.

Barton Drama Group tries to achieve 2 performances a year, usually in March and November. The process of putting on a show starts with one of the group members’ volunteering to direct a play of their own choice. But choosing the actors to be in the productions has become harder and harder as members leave and others get older!!

Barton Drama Group is constantly looking for new members to join us and always looks forward to new enthusiastic people joining in. Most plays, comedies or farces nearly always need younger people and as there is only so much makeup can achieve, the group needs above all younger adults to continue on this great dramatic group.